Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Painful pimple starting to appear, anyway to zap it before it gets bigger?

there are a lot of products you can buy at walgreens, cvs, or the supermarket. From my experience oxy spot treatment in clear works the best, and it%26#039;s invisible when you put it on; good for daytime. Another one is Clearasil treatment cream. This ones beige so it%26#039;s a little more noticeable, but good for nigh time. Get it in %26#039;adult%26#039; it works much better. Both of these creams work perfectly if you apply them throughout the day and at night, and if you rub them in well. Both are created for guys and girls, so they%26#039;re not megga girly or anything. Also, they will dry out your skin, mostly all do, so you may want to consider applying a good moisturizer in between putting coats on.but thats optional.

good luckk!!

How do i get rid of a pimple on my nose? its been there for more than a week.?

um there isn%26#039;t a whitehead on it. so please tell me what it is if you know! i really want to get rid of this.|||1) Hold a warm compress on it... the warmth will increase blood circulation to the area and carry away the impurities quicker.

2) Get plenty of sleep (at least 8 hours a night)... It always helps when I get them, I dunno why.

3) 30 minutes of cardio exercise works wonders. I think because it opens up the pores and sweat flushes them out.

4) Drink plenty of water and cut out all the sugary and caffeinated drinks (they make you retain water under your skin and seem to %26quot;preserve%26quot; blemishes).

5) Use a topical benzoyl peroxide cream.

6) Wash your face 2X a day with a gentle cleanser.

7) Wash your pillowcase. You don%26#039;t want oil %26amp; germs that caused that pimple spreading to other places on your face.|||Either by something called Differin. It works in 1-2 days really! You put it on at night or in the evening and the next day (depending on how bad it is);s cleared! BUT that%26#039;s 60 dollars per tube..................

cheaper way is apricot scrub by st.ives and use that in the morning and right before bed. works well.

SUPER cheap stuff is like peroxide.......dollar acne wash....doesn%26#039;t work as well though except maybe the peroxide

oh ....last result is to get it to form into a whitehead...which is very I%26#039;ve never done that before.|||use benzol porozide|||pliers


proactiv: jessica simpson uses it. works for her!|||Get out the rubbing alcohol and soak that sucker LOL. Use a

cotton ball and put enough alcohol on it to soak it and then

press onto the pimple and let it absorb. Do this a few times

a day, especially at bedtime. I still use it when I have flare ups,and I%26#039;m 62 LOL. Just when you think those days of

breaking out are gone, they come back to haunt you in older

age. I had to experience it, to believe it.And I didn%26#039;t have

pimples when I was a teenager. Believe it or not. I use a

cover up stick to cover the redness when I go out, and that

works fine.

This pimple is bothering me! What should i do?

Its inbetween the top of my lip and the bottom of my nose and it is gross and icky, and i really feel like popping it! Should I? I%26#039;m kind of scared to cause I don%26#039;t want to give it an infection or cause any scars, etc. :S Should i pop it?|||Alternate between steam bath and cold water a few times this softens the pore (but finish with hot steam bath) and then gently squeeze if nothing comes out it%26#039;s not ready yet if it does then good put some pimple cream on and eat lots of orange /yellow fruit and veg you need the Retinol to make the vit A for your skin.|||just leave it alone but i sincerely dont think anything will happen if you pop it i do when i get nasty ones|||herpes|||i dont think u shud pop it.....................if u do, a scar might come.......the besty thing to do is to just leave it

Do ingrown hairs always look like a pimple?

Im pretty sure i have an ingrown hair, its a slightly (barely) raised white bit of skin. I shave alot but i wondered because i thought ingrown hairs were more like pimples and stuff but this one is just white...i cant see a hair in it but i am pretty sure its one as i have had similar |||Yes u have an ingrown hair. Some come in red, white. And even a black dot in the middle (which is the hair). I get them all the time too. :D

How can i get rid of a pimple?

i have pimples on my legs and a little on my arms and i know its unhealthy to pop then

WHAT SHOULD I DO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!|||this should help:)|||use LEMON , many people uses it to get rid of Pimple

Step 1 : Squeeze 1/2 of the lemon into a bowl

Step 2 : Use cotton ball to rub on your pimple with the lemon that you%26#039;ve squeeze ( rub gently )

* Do this twice a week

Ny tips on how to cover up pimple marks and spots on the face with makeup?

can ny1 give me tips on how to cover up pimple marks and spots on the face and what makeup to put on a person that has a brown skin and brown eyes|||ok, so put on foundation and concealer to cover up the spots. Then put a bronzer on top of that to give it a nice look.|||Pick up some concealer in a greenish color for redness and a yellowish color for purple/blue (ie under eye circles).

1. Foundation (I use Cover Girl Fresh Complexion)

2. Concealer (I use Physican%26#039;s Formula)

3. Face powder (again Physican%26#039;s Formula)

4. Mascara (Maybelline%26#039;s Great Lash waterproof)

All makeup I use won%26#039;t clog pores/cause break outs. Physican%26#039;s Formula is especially formulated for acne prone/oily skin; I swear by it, I never get make up related acne.|||number one i say you should use some concealer. thats wut i do ove any red little bumps or pimple scars any of that. then i put on mineral make up. its give a good even coverage, lasts longer and it doesnt feel so caked on then i go about blush and lipgloss.

but concealer completly covers my pimples. you should go to a chemist or big store such as myer, david jones. they do make up tests on your skin ti find your right colour.

What could mean a bump (not a pimple) behind my ear?

i%26#039;ve just noticed it and was wondering if i should see a doctor for this...|||Yes, it could mean a number of things, including cancer. If it is cancer, then the sooner the treatment, the better. Why risk it?|||It is probably a swollen lymph node, but you should see a doctor in case it is cancer. I had the same thing happen to me (turned out to be lymph) but don%26#039;t take any chances- especially if it%26#039;s only on one side (usually lumph nodes swell in pairs).|||It might be a fat cyst, if it is it should be removed surgically.